Mulranny beach (Blue Flag status)

30 kms (19 miles) from Westport. Located across the road from the Park Inn, on the west end of Mulranny village, a causeway and wooden bridge across Trawoughter Bay lead to Mulranny beach (Blue Flag status), which has picnic facilities and toilets, as well as a lifeguard during the summer months.

Inland from the beach is a rare large saltwater marsh, with typical species such as thrift, sea plaintain, saltmarsh grass, rushes and sedges, sea pimpernel with glassword and annual seablite further down towards the sea. The marsh also features various shorebirds, including curlew, widgeon, grey plover, godwits, oyster-catchers, dunlins, sand pipers, terns and gulls.

There is also a small carpark at the beach. To reach the carpark, take the first left after the village and continue less than a half a kilometre to the entrance, following the signs.
Ice cream van in the summer!