Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting another superbly uplifting activity – why not start with a minimum of 5 people -
take part in some exciting target practice with your friends in a non-competitive environment, or, you may opt for a competitive
game with a larger group of up to 20 players in the hope of achieving the kudos of master marksman. Whatever format you
choose is entirely up to you, but either way, competitive or otherwise, we know that you will have serious fun!

The game is dynamic and challenging as the launched targets move in multiple directions. When your laser connects with the target,
there is a simulated sound of smashing clay that will get your heart beating faster and your adrenaline pumping.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is a newer and better way of shooting as the there is no environmental impact, no impact on wildlife
and the shooting is controlled and 100% safe for all participants. Not only that, it is so realistic that one would be hard pressed to
differentiate it from the actual experience. This is why the activity is also available to children, a huge advantage especially for families.
New and innovative Infrared Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting now available with The Adventure Islands!

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