If you’re looking for the ultimate in adrenaline rushes – look no further! 

Strap into our dry zorbing ride – two at a time – or hop into the H2O ball with 2 of your buddies - and roll down a gentle slope.
Because the OGO ball is made of transparent plastic, with one ball inside another ball, you’ll be able to see what’s going on at all times AND the shock is absorbed so all you have to do is watch out, enjoy and let out the odd yelp or scream!

At Adventure West in the grounds of Westport House you can choose from two fun-filled Zorbing rides:
Hydro Zorbing: the tamer of the two rides, can be best described as an invigorating mixture of a waterslide and rollercoaster ride. This wet and wild experience involves one, two or three riders (depending on total weight) entering the OGO at the top of the hill, and we add in 20-25 litres of warm water. Then we secure the door closed and launch the OGO downhill. No dizziness, just good clean fun!
Harness Zorbing: the more extreme ride using OGO’s brand new style, suspended seat harnesses. These harnesses have 32 points of attachment to the ball to ensure that the rider is safely held and the harness has 6 attachment points around the body as well as hands and feet holds. One or two riders are securely harnessed inside the OGO before being sent rolling head over heels downhill to watch the grass and sky go spinning past.

In the grounds of Westport House, get harnessed up and take a ride on this adrenaline-pumping 270 metre zipwire and admire the panoramic view below,  if you can bear to look down!
Before you enter our launch area, a trained instructor will fit you with a safety harness and helmet and give a full safety brief.  All equipment and harnesses will be checked again when you become connected to the zipwire and then you’re off!
For your own comfort and safety, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing (trousers/shorts) as well as well as runners or similar footwear.  No flip-flops are allowed on the zipwire.  Customers with unsuitable footwear or clothing will not be permitted to take part.

There is a minimum age limit of 8 years and a minimum height restriction of 1.3m (4’3”).  There is also a maximum weight restriction of 120kg (19 stone).
The customer cannot participate in our zipwire ride if they have:
    High blood pressure
    Heart conditions
    Impairment due to the influence of alcohol or drugs
    Any other physical or mental condition which may restrict your ability to safely ride

Zipwire operations will on a first come, first go basis but bookings for large groups should be made in advance, Email to info@adventurewest.ie or phone (087) 3627828There may be delays during peak periods – estimated waiting times will be given on arrival. Customers can choose to come back at a later time or day.


Telephone (087) 3627828 

Email info@adventurewest.ie

Website: www.adventurewest.ie/zorbing / www.adventurewest.ie/zipwire